beautiful fountain

The Felton Guild is the perfect location for your special occasion. You can plan your entire event around the natural beauty of our outdoor facility. Just a touch of your own theme makes it your unique day with plenty of opportunities to capture memorable photographs to last a lifetime; our beautiful fountain area is a favorite.

separte rooms

We provide two separate rooms that are located on opposite sides of the redwood cathedral, with different entrances for those who wish to have a more traditional entrance into their wedding or commitment ceremony. (note: the room in the above photograph is air conditioned)

cathedral seating

There is seating in the cathedral on redwood chairs and benches to accommodate around 100 guests, with plenty of standing room or space for more chairs if needed. Throughout the redwoods you will find a gift table, catering table, cake table, and many benches for you and your guests to sit and visit, or to pose for that perfect photograph.

sole redwood tree

In the far corner of the sunny garden lawn area sits our sole redwood tree waiting for you to capture its beauty in an unforgettable photograph.

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garden arbor

cathedral alter arch

In our redwood cathedral, the alter arch on the wedding platform is removable.

sunny garden lawn area

As you walk out of the redwoods onto our sunny garden lawn area, the wedding grove reception area is spacious enough to easily accommodate more than 200 guests. There are 22 redwood tables with 120 chairs, and plenty of room to add more if needed.

dance floor

For your convenience, electricity is available throughout the Felton Guild. Music is typically set up on a corner brick area, while an inlayed brick walkway can be used as a dance floor. (note: the dance floor shown in the above photo was rented.)

Our goal is to help make your day unforgettable and unique. For more information, please contact us.